About Us

About US

WeChitr! Separately, ‘we’ means ‘us’ and ‘Chitr’ means ‘picture/art’ and together ‘WeChitr’means ‘unique’ and that is all about us. We are a team of people who love and admire unique art and feel that it should be around us even in the smallest accessory we own. Leaving behind the trend of conventional phone covers, laptop sleeves, pop grid sockets anda lot more, we thought of bringing uniqueness and innovation to your gadgets through our exceptionally creative accessories.Our take on prints and  colors is fresh, witty and totally out of the box. Our wide range of high- quality products are designed with love and care and once explored, you will definitely find a few products that would be relatable to your personality, desires and aspirations.

Also, we are a team of creative people and we welcome your unique ideas with open arms.You can give a customized touch to any of our accessories by asking us to add your image,name, company’s logo, couple/family photos, important dates, favorite quote, etc. to it.